About Sucoso Company

Sucoso is a contemporary management consulting and technical advisory services organization. We, at Sucoso, love technological changes and are advocates of digitalization. We are passionate about helping organizations of all forms and sizes transform their businesses through innovative application, systematic adoption and systemic integration of emerging digital technologies.

We have strong affinity to partner with ambitious organizations who aspire to be the best in their chosen field. Through our unique advisory services framework, called SAGA (Strategy, Architecture, Governance and Assurance), we build solid foundation for organizations to deliver sustainable growth.

Our Mission

Sucoso's mission is to build a leading trusted advisory services platform for digital business transformation. Our company bridges demand side imperatives of growing businesses with supply side advances in information technology.

Our Core Business Values

Our promise lies in our core business values that we breathe, talk and walk.


Our customers’ problems are at our heart and we make sincere effort to solve those problems through transparent engagement.


We bring about cross-fertilization of inter-disciplinary ideas to provide great transformation experience to our customers.


We go beyond stated requirements and deliver practical and enterprising solutions that achieve intended business outcomes.

Our Core Team

Madhav Patwardhan

Madhav is an honorary chairman of the Sucoso’s Management Board and is supporting young and ambitious entrepreneur realize his vision of building a trustworthy business enterprise. Madhav is a ‘Bharat Sanchar Shree’ award winner – a Government of India accolade for achieving eminence and delivering significant contribution in the field of telecommunication services. He brings in 45 years of techno-managerial experience in the Telecommunication and IT sector and was instrumental in setting up and managing high-tech and cutting edge Telecom Exchanges and Infrastructures in the state of Maharashtra. He was part of the Indian contingent to Japan sent to facilitate technology transfer back in 1990s. He held senior management positions both in public and private sector enterprises and has retired in a capacity of General Manager and Circle Head from Tata Teleservices in 2011. Since then he is engaged in promoting and directing laughter clubs. He passionately researches urban farming and naturopathy and has delivered lectures on healthy living on various social forums. His charming, approachable and ever helpful personality has been the driving force in shaping Sucoso’s core business principles.

Kedar Patwardhan

Kedar is a passionate entrepreneur and has exemplified excellence in self leadership before embarking on a stimulating journey to build a next generation technology advisory company that provides “top floor to shop floor” digital business integration. An avid researcher in strategic change management and enterprise engineering, he has inculcated a vision of “valuesoucing” into the formation of Sucoso. His uncanny ability to revive troubled projects and initiatives with simple and inclusive approaches earned him a reputation of prolific change agent on a global stage. He brings rich professional experience working with some of the large top tier companies in the world like IBM, Accenture, Centrica Plc etc. on high impact transformation programs in energy, utility, telecom, manufacturing, ecommerce and financial sectors. He holds a master’s degree in technology change management and bachelor’s degree in engineering in addition to several professional accolades to his credit. A travel enthusiast, he likes to explore cross-cultural dynamics in work. An all-rounder in true sense, he captures colors of life through camera lens, discovers harmony by practicing musical instruments and embraces team spirit by participating in sports.

Our Advisory Board

Dr. (PhD) Stimit Shah (Advisory Board Member)

Stimit is an Aerospace Engineer at Aerion Corporation in Palo Alto CA. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on Computational Fluid Dynamics and Aerospace Engineering and has published several research articles in internationally recognized journals. His desire to understand interaction between engineered systems and natural systems earned him a PhD from Princeton University, NJ. He has keen interest in exploring renewable energy application in automotive industry. Dr. Shah has been associated with leading R&D focused organizations such as Convergent Science, Inc. and Computational Research Laboratory. He holds Master of Aerospace Engineering degree from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from College of Engineering Pune. He is a long distance runner and likes to play chess.

Dr. (PhD) Ashwin P. Dani (Advisory Board Member)

Ashwin is a Director of Robotics and Controls Lab and renowned faculty member in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA. He serves on the editorial board of highly respected IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS). An Academic Entrepreneur, Dr. Dani holds four U.S. patents and invention disclosures in the area of robotics and control. As an author, he has published several academic book chapters and widely referred technical papers on human-robot interaction in manufacturing, autonomous navigation, localization and mapping in riverine environments and vision-based control systems. He received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Florida (UF), USA and Bachelor’s degree from College of Engineering Pune (CoEP). He is a recipient of many honours from scientific bodies and international organisations such as IEEE, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and International Society of Information Fusion and of University of Connecticut's prestigious Outstanding Teaching Award. He collaborates with many major engineering companies such as United Technologies Corporation and ABB. He is involved in advising activities on control systems, machine learning, robotics and automation for manufacturing. He is a passionate Tabla player and long distance runner.