ICT Architecture Services

Sucoso Digital Enterprise Architecture Services help design the whole systems architecture to bring about sustainable digital enterprise transformation. Organizations of all forms and sizes use these services to rationalize and modernize multi-tier enterprise systems and applications while ensuring strategic alignment at all levels.

We bring in expertise in systems thinking approaches, enterprise architecture frameworks and broad technological know-how to design strategically aligned, operationally sustainable and technically feasible enterprise solutions.

Salient Features

  • Fulfills chief information officer (CIO) priorities
  • Supports chief data officer (CDO) agenda
  • Credibility to drive architectural design trade-offs
  • Focus on vanguard enterprise architecture management
  • Enriched by holistic systems thinking
  • Informed by service oriented and agile practices
  • Design for scalability and maintainability
  • Tactical application of standard frameworks and methodologies (e.g., TOGAF, Zachman)
  • Cross-domain, multi-layer, multi-vendor support
  • Multi-mode collaboration to provide best value for money
  • Partnership for success

Services Portfolio

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For Technology Vendors

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Sucoso ICT Enterprise Architecture Design Point of View

The world has embarked on a journey towards smarter planet with the help of advances in information and communication technologies such as social media, mobile computing, data analytics, cloud computing, internet of things and artificial intelligence. The combined power of these technologies promises to provide collaborative, ubiquitous, intelligent, economically viable and connected solutions for multi-disciplinary societal, governmental and business problems.

This shift in the enterprise IT model towards the adoption of SMACIT platform is transforming the way IT solutions are produced, applied and used. Given the speed of technology change and proliferation of competing and often confusing technology options, traditional top-down system planning approaches have given way to evolving and agile systems architecture practices where experimentation and user feedback is valued more than documentation and reviews. Nevertheless, organizations with significant investments in legacy enterprise systems are in great need of IT architectural talent than can balance stability imperatives of core enterprise systems with dynamic requirements of digital platforms.

Sucoso Digital Enterprise Architecture has a mission to provide technology-hungry companies with well-rounded ICT enterprise architecture design capabilities to help them manage ever-growing complexities, interconnectedness and dynamism of emerging information technology landscape.

Choose the Right Enterprise Cloud Architecture

Cloud adoption has become synonymous to business transformation in digital era. Whether you are innovating an ecosystem platform, starting a lean enterprise, growing into a multi-location business, implementing a sustainability agenda, delivering social change or driving cost optimization, cloud-based architectures have answer to your business transformation objectives. Cloud architecture is a style of service design, deployment and management of software applications, technology platforms and ICT infrastructure based on the principles of on-demand access, resource sharing, dynamic provisioning and measured automation.

Given the rapidly evolving field of cloud computing, organizational learning required to make strategic choices on cloud service models, cloud deployment options and cloud technologies is overwhelming. Adding to this, multi-cloud environments are becoming emergent phenomena. Top analyst reports suggest that there are staggering casualties of this cloud war and firms are struggling to go beyond initial project specific or departmental cloud initiatives. Wrong design decisions are often being cited as a major roadblock in the enterprise cloud adoption journey.

Wrong cloud design decisions can inadvertently constrain flexibility or raise exposure to security threats, give away control or restrict configurability or cause to miss economies of scale or business differentiation. This situation can be greatly improved by augmenting internal data and process knowledge capabilities with external vendor neutral cloud professional service capabilities to make right architecture tradeoffs.

Sucoso Digital Enterprise Architecture Design Center, working independently and collaboratively with leading cloud vendors, provides much needed technical architecture expertise across public, private and hybrid cloud deployments. As we have been there and done that before, we understand that the successful enterprise cloud adoption entails multi-disciplinary capabilities. As such, Sucoso Digital Enterprise Architecture Design Center has established a team comprising of cloud economist to help you develop strong business case for cloud adoption, cloud solutions architect to help you design best-fitting cloud architecture, cloud security advisor to help you security harden your cloud environment, cloud network specialist to help you manage boundary spanning virtual networks, cloud DevOps engineer to help you setup continuous delivery pipelines, cloud container specialist to help you operate multi-cloud environments, cloud application developers to help you servitize your software assets, agile project consultants to help you manage you cloud migration projects and change agents to help you transform into a cloud culture.

Build the Smart IoT Solutions

Recent advances in sensor technologies, network architectures, data processing techniques and robotics engineering have created possibilities to realize the vision of cyber-physical systems where internet connected physical things (devices, machines, vehicles, buildings, animals and humans) could be controlled or monitored by computer algorithms. Through purposive interaction of physical and software components, processes can be made more efficient, accurate, economical, resilient and intelligent. Still in nascent stages of development, cyber-physical systems have started enabling wide ranging applications such as smart grid networks, autonomous vehicles, fleet control, integrated transport, medical assistive systems, environment management and connected factories.

Given the intertwined nature of physical and software components involved, developing a cyber-physical system entails transdisciplinary approach to system design. Design trade-offs across multiple engineering practices and disciplines need to be carefully coordinated in a rapid iterative process to ensure time value for money invested.

Sucoso Digital Enterprise Architecture Design Center, working collaboratively with Internet of Things (IoT) researchers and practitioners, provides much needed system-of-systems architecture design expertise to build next generation of smart systems and solutions. Our time-tested Embed, Connect and Orchestrate (ECO) Framework and Deliberate, Experiment, Adapt and Persevere (DEAP) methodology helps you accelerate the deployment of IoT platforms - a foundation upon which cyber-physical systems are developed. Our IoT product management expert will help you co-ordinate systems engineering effort, IoT solutions advisor will help you choose from the variety of commercial-off-the-shelf IoT solutions, IoT systems architect will help design the right IoT platform, UX designer will help you deliver engaging user experience, embedded technologist will help you develop integrated process control mechanisms, integration architect will help you design RESTful APIs, backend experts will help you manage data processes and mobile application developers will help build responsive IoT user interfaces accessible from anywhere.