Digital Assurance Services

Sucoso Digital Project Assurance Services help improve effectiveness and efficiency of digital transformation projects. Organizations of all forms and sizes use these services to control and improve quality in projects, manage multi-dimensional project risks and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

We bring in expertise in project management methodologies, operational excellence frameworks and regulatory standards know-how to promise risk mitigated, fit for purpose and policy complied delivery of digital transformation projects.

Salient Features

  • Fulfills chief risk officer (CRO) priorities
  • Supports chief quality officer (CQO) agenda
  • Credibility to drive continuous process improvement
  • Focus on business performance enhancement
  • Enriched by total quality perspective
  • Informed by lean enterprise practices
  • Multi-dimensional risk optimization
  • Tactical application of standard frameworks and methodologies (e.g., PMP, Prince, Lean, Six Sigma, SOX)
  • Portfolio, program and project support
  • Multi-mode collaboration to provide best value for money
  • Partnership for success

Services Portfolio

For End User Businesses

For Technology Vendors

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Sucoso Digital Project Assurance Point of View

Digital implementation projects are characterized by fast paced delivery cycles, temporal and special distribution, open innovation, data-driven development and multi-stack technology environments. Although, digital initiatives are often started in silos, some point or other they need to be integrated and aligned with other organizational initiatives to reap the benefits fully.

Such enterprise-wide digital transformation programs involve many moving parts, conflicting priorities, systemic constraints and policy obligations. As digital initiatives transition from early adoption to enterprise alignment phase, risk-reward equation becomes a critical success factor in the advancement of initiatives. In order to secure the required buy-in from wider stakeholders, organizations need to take appropriate quality assurance, process improvement and policy compliance measures.

Sucoso Digital Project Assurance has a mission to provide quality conscious organizations with certified auditing and project assurance support to help them expand and mature digital transformation programs.