IT Governance Services

Sucoso Digital Enterprise Governance Services help align business models, people, processes, services and technologies to realize business value. Organizations of all forms and sizes use these services to better manage digital transformation life cycle, drive organizational changes and achieve seamless digital business integration.

We bring in expertise in digital lifecycle management best practices, digital change management approaches and enterprise IT governance know-how to achieve operationally integrated, organizationally accepted and value generating digital transformation.

Salient Features

  • Fulfills chief financial officer (CFO) priorities
  • Supports chief operating officer (COO) agenda
  • Credibility to drive business and IT alignment
  • Focus on business outcomes achievement
  • Enriched by digital value network perspective
  • Informed by lifecycle management practices
  • Operating model optimization to reduce technical debt
  • Tactical application of standard frameworks and methodologies (e.g., Lewin, Kotter, COBIT, ITIL)
  • Center of excellence support
  • Multi-mode collaboration to provide best value for money
  • Partnership for success

Services Portfolio

For End User Businesses

For Technology Vendors

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Sucoso Digital Enterprise Governance Point of View

Digitalization is disrupting the value equation for organizations. Erstwhile value chains are getting transformed into value networks. Value creation in value networks happens through the exchange of information, products and services across and beyond organizations and is constrained or enabled by the relationships between tangible and intangible elements of extended enterprises.

Productive relationships between these elements are contingent upon suitability of organizational structure, alignment of business and technology initiatives, effectiveness of work processes, absorptive capacity of organizations to capture valuable external information and to make appropriate decisions based on them. Moreover, these relationships are dynamic in nature and can exist in both formal and informal settings. The success of digital transformation, therefore, depends on efficient and effective operation of digitally enabled value networks over the period of time.

Sucoso Digital Enterprise Governance has a mission to provide value focused organizations with best practices-based governance and operational support to help them positively shape their digital future through digital lifecycle approach.