Strategy Services

Sucoso Strategy Services deliver foundational capabilities to develop business innovation ecosystem. Organizations of all forms and sizes can use these services to envision innovative business models, conceptualize digital platforms and transform extended enterprises.

We bring in expertise in industry analysis, strategic planning toolset and socio-technical know-how to formulate a unique transformation blueprint for your organization that is culturally fit, financial prudent and timely achievable.

Salient Features

  • Fulfills chief marketing officer (CMO) priorities
  • Supports chief digital officer (CDO) agenda
  • Credibility to drive product service innovation
  • Focus on business ecosystem development
  • Enriched by global perspective and local insights
  • Informed by cutting-edge strategy and innovation practices
  • High relevance for today's business landscape
  • Tactical application of standard frameworks and methodologies (e.g., Blue Ocean Strategy, Balanced Scorecard)
  • Cross-disciplinary ideation
  • Multi-mode collaboration ensuring value for money
  • Partnership for success

Services Portfolio

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Sucoso Strategy Point of View

As the world is breaking out of the shackles of a major economic downturn of our age, organizations of all forms and sizes are singing tunes of "share your toys and your profits". Collaboration seems to be the new mantra of progress and is spreading faster than ever before. With this rapidly changing business landscape, organizations are moving beyond their traditional boundaries; seeking new partnerships and embracing new global business models. Consequently, the competitiveness of the organization no more just depends on its own ability to innovate, but on its ability to shape and sustain ecosystem of innovations through global knowledge networks comprising of employees, customers, suppliers, partners, research institutes and governments.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) operate in more challenging economic environment than large enterprises, have greater exposure to turbulent market conditions because of their low level of diversification and are often constrained by lack of resources. Owing to their distinct business environment and resource management challenges compared to large enterprises, MSMEs can benefit greatly from nurturing network-centric innovations in overcoming their challenges and growing in a competitive market. However, MSMEs are found to be less active in purposively creating and shaping innovation ecosystems than large enterprises. This lack of proactiveness on the part of MSMEs towards initiating and managing innovation ecosystems is mainly due to the lack of enabling instruments compatible with MSMEs' needs.

Sucoso Strategy has a mission to provide MSMEs with necessary strategic and technical advisory support to help them build, grow and sustain cost-effective digital knowledge platforms by transforming their capabilities and resources into distinctive strategic assets.